The Power of Christ’s Freedom

Dr. Levy H. KnoxAffirmations, Bishop's BlogLeave a Comment

Through the power of the Christ in me, I am forever free.

Through the Christ in me, I am free from limitation; I am not bound by circumstances or victim to negative influences.

I am free with the freedom of the Spirit; this is my innermost truth.

If I face an undesirable situation, I do not give it power; I simply, but firmly, declare my freedom.

I am an expression of the Christ; this is the truth of me.

I walk serene and unafraid, filled with faith and confidence.

The Christ within is freedom and liberation.

The source of my freedom is the unfailing power of Christ within.

Outward appearances have no power to hurt me; I am centered and poised in the power of the Christ.

In this power, I rise above every limiting condition.

I rejoice and give thanks for it.

I am free!

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