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I have the infinite creative power of God within me. Divine love is working through me here and now to create and manifest the desires of my heart. The Christ within me is creating miracles … Read More

The Power of Christ’s Freedom

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Through the power of the Christ in me, I am forever free. Through the Christ in me, I am free from limitation; I am not bound by circumstances or victim to negative influences. I am … Read More

Discover And Unleash The Power Within You!

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GOD HAS ALREADY GIVEN YOU THE POWER! Are you holding back your dreams, blessings, and wealth by simply not giving yourself permission to BE what God wants you to be, DO what God wants you … Read More

The Kingdom, The Power, The Glory

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THE LIGHT Has anyone else noticed how dark the world is looking these days? It is always darkest before the dawn. When the darkness comes, the stars come out to shine! “Arise, shine, for your … Read More