We are “Orthodox” in our theology, drawing from the theological foundations provided by Polycarp, Ignatius, Tertullian, Cyprian, Augustine and other Apostolic and Early Church Fathers. We embrace without reservation the great creeds of the historic Christian Church to include the Apostles Creed of 390AD, the Nicene Creed of 325 AD, the Athenasian Creed of the early 5th century, and the statement of Chaledon of 451AD.

We are “Reformed” in our doctrine accepting the great theological reforms of the 16th and 17th century through Luther, Calvin, Zwingli and the Puritan writers. We look to the Westminister Confession of Faith as a valid expression of the truths that we hold as Christians.

We are “Catholic” in our immovable conviction that the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ throughout the world is one Holy and Apostolic Church being “one body with one Spirit, one Lord and one faith.” Consequently, all Christian leaders and churches have a common purpose to work cooperatively and collectively to reach the world for Christ.

We are “Evangelical” in our doctrinal adherence to the authority of Scripture, the deity of Christ, and salvation through the faith in the atoning work of Christ. As such, we actively engage in spreading the Gospel to a world who must be reconciled to God.

We are “Charismatic” in our worship and ministry, partaking of the power of the Holy Spirit and exercising the biblical gifts which are given to the Church. Through the empowering work of the Holy Spirit, we zealously reach out to our local communities and to the world by demonstrating the compassion of Christ and offering His Gospel of salvation, hope, and restoration.

We are “Christological” in our belief that the Lord Jesus Christ is central in our worship and Christian practices. We proclaim Jesus to be the Lord of our lives, the Head of His Church and the King of His Kingdom.

We are “Incarnational” in our theology, not that we are Christ, but that Christ is in us and we are in the world reaching the lost, continuing His work and demonstrating His Kingdom on earth.

We are “Covenantal” in our theology believing that full partnership with God in accomplishing His purposes on earth is possible only through our response to His covenant. God’s covenant with His people is dramatized in the Old Testament through human experience and is fully ratified in the New Testament through the atoning work of Christ.

We are “Restorational” in our practical theology knowing that the central work of God as recorded in both the Old and New Testament is restoring man, the earth, and the universe from the corruption of evil back to God’s original plan and purpose.

We are “Kingdom” in our theology believing that the central issue and concern of God in Scripture is His righteous rule in heaven and on earth. We believe that the Kingdom of God was the major subject preached and taught by Christ during His earthly post-resurrection ministry. We believe that the Church is the embassy of God’s Kingdom on earth and that we must proclaim Christ to be both Savior and Lord of all.