Prince Of Peace Embassy

We are witnessing one of the greatest restoration and rebuilding periods the Gulf Coast has ever experienced. This has brought a renewed desire to see city and global leaders, including spiritual, corporate, and governmental leaders, join together in a safe, neutral location to discuss solutions to the challenges facing our beloved region and the world.

The Lord has placed a desire in our hearts at Living Word Christian Center International Ministries to create and maintain such a facility. In 1998, we purchased over 95,000 square feet of property at 1060 Government Street to house our community outreach ministries. Called the Kingdom Life Center, this property is home to The Prince of Peace Embassy, an exquisitely restored mansion set aside for unity, dialogue, and most importantly, finding solutions. It is our vision to see the Kingdom of God demonstrated in every sphere of life, starting within the lives and relationships of our leaders.

An International Outreach Ministry
The purpose of the Prince of Peace Embassy is to utilize one of the southern United States most beautiful, prestigious, and historic residences to host city and world leaders and discuss the historic values of the Kingdom of God as defined in the Judeo-Christian faith. Here in this beautiful setting, Christian leaders present these values and other creative solutions to the complex challenges facing our post-modern culture. The Prince of Peace Embassy will serve today’s culture as Joseph served Egypt and as Daniel served Babylon.

High-Level Forums
The Prince of Peace Embassy offers high-level forums on a variety of subjects including:

  • The effect of Judeo-Christian family values upon culture and how they can be implemented in today’s post modern world.
  • The answers offered by scripture to our major urban challenges and how we can develop programs that will renew inner cities.
  • The answers offered by scripture to the segmentations of our culture into what became problems between people groups, whether gender, racial, social or economic.
  • The effect biblical morality and servant leadership can have upon the business community and how the implementation of these principles can bring renewal to cities, geographical areas and the business community.

Kingdom Life Center
The Prince of Peace Embassy is located on the campus of the Kingdom Life Center, a facility that exists to restore the quality of life to individuals and families throughout the Gulf Coast.

By the transformation of lives, the restoration of families, spiritual, physical and economic empowerment, the quality of life will be restored to our community and our city. This center serves as a model for all cities to demonstrate the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. The Kingdom Life Center carries out the vision of Living Word Christian Center in many areas by hosting:

  • The Prince of Peace Embassy
  • LWCC Kingdom Academy
  • Educational & Vocational Training
  • Legacy Child Life Learning and Development Center
  • Family, Youth & Individual Counseling
  • Marilyn Knox Center for young girls and women
  • Teen and Youth Outreach
  • Entrepreneurial Empowerment
  • Community Outreach & Development
  • Seminars & Workshops