The Law of Change

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Change is the only constant in this life. Over history’s millennia, humans and animals alike have changed and adapted to ensure their survival. Species that have been resistant to change and adaptation are now extinct. … Read More

The Coming Kingdom

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If the Kingdom of God is perpetually coming, it is never here, it is never now. No matter how we perceive Jesus or interpret His teachings, it is hard to refute that reaching the Kingdom … Read More


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The awakening you crave is a function of the inner life. It can never be realized through circumstances, relationships, or accomplishments. In other words, you cannot find true satisfaction outside of fulfilling your highest destiny: … Read More

The Making Of A Dream

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If adversity should strike in your life and you can look beyond the setbacks and strife; That neither fear nor grief can challenge your belief, and you can see the victory that lies within and … Read More