The Beginning of a Brand-New Year

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As we’ve entered into 2022, the beginning of a new year, we can all recognize what a year 2021 has been. Our world faced so much upheaval last year. The pandemic, the political divide, the social unrest, and the economic carnage.

Yet, great light follows the dark night. Being the extreme optimist and eternal possibilitarian I am, I strongly believe that the volatility will (soon or later) morph into victory and much better days will appear. I have sensed that, while 2022 will come with volatility, it will ultimately be a wonderful year for those who choose to make it so.

I know this projection is unusual in an era where so many love to talk about things getting even worse. Don’t listen to them. You can make 2022 amazing if you think the right thoughts, have the right beliefs, encode the right habits, insulate your hope, live in covenant with God, and make wise moves.

I want to say that in all the changes that have been and are taking place in the church and in the world—where the method is changing, the government is changing, and our understanding is being enlightened and opened—the one thing that is not changing is the power behind everything that is taking place, which is the power of the Holy Spirit and the unchanging and unshakable Kingdom of God. If we ever get away from this, we are going to find ourselves relying on the world systems, and that will put us in a serious situation.

There are no options for you and me as citizens of God’s Kingdom, where the Holy Spirit, and the Kingdom of God, and Jesus Christ are the same yesterday, today, and forever. I am convinced that the Lord has something greater for our LWCC Kingdom Covenant Family in this new year like never before.

We must recognize that the voice of God is needed now more than ever. My prayer is, as we face the new year 2022 with courage, optimism, and strength, that the Lord will continue to guide us beyond boundaries and gravity into His wonderful purpose that still lies ahead.

May the Father continue to bless us with His wisdom and strength as we navigate through this next season in a wonderful brand-new year.


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