How Powerful A Moment Is!

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Hope you are great/awesome/superb! May I please ask you a question? Have you ever considered how powerful a moment is? As humans, we fall into the rut of thinking it takes months and years to accomplish heroic feats and make our lives working. Yet, in only a moment, you can forgive the person you’ve been resenting for the past ten years; help a child in need or uplift a friend; go for the first walk that eventually leads to winning a marathon; start a journal that keeps your boldest dreams alive; stop living reactively and live with deep concentration on the few things that really matter; commit to launching that ministry and business you always have known would raise the quality of life of others and make a massive impact on the world.

Beloved, my list could go on. Yet you are smart and wise, so you understand where I’m going and see the big picture. Don’t put off your greatness to a time in the future where everything is perfect. That moment will never come. Begin now. Over the next hour, the next moment. Live in the present moment and make that moment as perfect as you can by the realization that you are the instrument and expression of God Himself.

Praying for your best. Stay positive, productive, and grateful. This is your moment!

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