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The awakening you crave is a function of the inner life. It can never be realized through circumstances, relationships, or accomplishments. In other words, you cannot find true satisfaction outside of fulfilling your highest destiny: the realization of your oneness with God.

I want you to wake up today! If you believe that you will be complete after you find the right relationship, the better job, the nice car, the bigger house, or the accomplishment of a particular goal, you are asleep in the human sleep of delusion. Any such fulfillment is only temporary.

The quest of looking for wholeness outside of yourself is not the way it works. It is inside of you. Failing to recognize the true nature of your life’s quest creates a syndrome of an identity crisis. It will continue until you turn within to the only true source of fulfillment and develop an active relationship with God within.

Begin now to cultivate your spiritual sensitivity to the presence and power of God within you. Talk to the Father in the language of your heart and notice how wonderfully, eagerly, He responds to you.

Today, know that God within delights in bestowing heavenly treasures upon you. If you are not aware of the truth that the Lord stands at the door and knocks, how shall He come into your experience?

Cultivate sensing and knowing that the Spirit of God longs to fully give of Himself to you. In Him we live and move and have our being. Live, move, and have your awareness in this reality and you will come to understand what Jesus meant when He said, “It is the Father’s good pleasure to give you the Kingdom.”

The door of receptivity always opens from the inside. Today, swing it wide open and expect a blessing that will fill your heart to overflowing as you awaken to God within.

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