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It is with great excitement and joy that Pastor Delia and I greet you during this Christmas season as we celebrate truly the most wonderful time of the year: the birth of Christ…the God within. … Read More

The Kingdom of God Within

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When the Pharisees asked Jesus when the Kingdom of God would come, He answered by telling them that it was within them, basically informing them that if they were looking for it anywhere other than … Read More

The Coming Kingdom

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If the Kingdom of God is perpetually coming, it is never here, it is never now. No matter how we perceive Jesus or interpret His teachings, it is hard to refute that reaching the Kingdom … Read More

Discover And Unleash The Power Within You!

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GOD HAS ALREADY GIVEN YOU THE POWER! Are you holding back your dreams, blessings, and wealth by simply not giving yourself permission to BE what God wants you to be, DO what God wants you … Read More