July – Month of Answered Prayers!


How can you help, as a part of LWCC Kingdom Covenant Community, in advancing the invisible Kingdom in 2024 and beyond?

  1. Bring new awareness and understanding of the Kingdom of God and how it functions on earth.
  2. Take on the role of ministry. Become a personal evangelist for the Kingdom of God.
  3. Be an avid disciple of God’s word and study the principles of the Kingdom and how they apply to the world.
  4. Present the very best possible image of Jesus and His Church to the world.
  5. Invoke believers to totally commit themselves to Christ with conviction and purpose.
  6. Challenge believers to accept the Sovereign will of God instead of seeking Him just for His benefits.
  7. Support the outreach vision of LWCC with prayer, time, gifts, and finances.
  8. Further maintain and develop Kingdom educational opportunities for our children and youth.
  9. Make this a place for multicultural activities to always take place, representing the Kingdom of God in America. Show the world that all people can live, work, and worship together.
  10. Always assist Bishop Knox in imparting what’s in him to the people that you may be complete.
  11. Take pride in completing LWCC’s new building facility and develop the property into a global center for the Kingdom of God.
  12. Focus desperately on preparing this ministry to be in good shape and seeing that it will rest in faithful hands to carry on the vision of Living Word Christian Center Kingdom Covenant Community.
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Jul 30 2024


7:00 PM


LWCC Sanctuary
1401 Government St., Mobile, AL 36604
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