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The Beautiful Gate

The Beautiful Gate is an outreach ministry of Living Word Christian Center that provides services and ministry to inmates and returning citizens throughout the State of Alabama. In collaboration with U.S. Attorney Kenyen R. Brown, local churches and statewide partnerships, The Beautiful Gate will seek to provide re-entry services for those who seek them.

The Beautiful Gate serves as an empowering ministry designed to enrich both inmates’ and ex-offenders’ quality of life through networking, employment and resource referrals, resume writing, mentoring, education, family and individual counseling.  The goal of the ministry is to provide a way for all participants to become productive citizens.

The Beautiful Gate serves as an advocate for individuals and families affected by incarceration by providing a comprehensive program dedicated to meeting the practical needs and professional development of individuals prior to, during, and beyond the multiple phases of the release process.

*Mentoring Team—will seek to establish supportive, nurturing relationships with inmates and their families during incarceration;

* Liaison Team—will seek to network on behalf of inmates who are incarcerated to provide housing, family support, and medical care;

* Transportation Team—will seek to greet ex-offender upon their initial release and provide transportation to prearranged destination;

* Day-After Team—will seek to provide transportation for ex-offenders to various locations as needed, post-release;

* Transitional Team—will seek to provide needs assessment and specialized services specific to each ex-offender’s circumstances through workshops & personal development classes;

* Integration Teamto walk with ex-offenders until integration is a success one step at a time;

* Prayer & Support Teamto offer continuous prayer, counseling or other support ministry during adjustment periods and beyond…

For more information, contact Deborah Phillips at 251/476-5683 Ext. 16 or