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Building a Global Kingdom Covenant Community


Living Word Christian Center was founded in 1985 by Bishop Levy H. Knox & his late wife Marilyn Knox, at 1401 Government St. in Mobile, AL as a church declaring the Lordship of Jesus Christ and His Kingdom. It began with 20 adults and 25 children with a vision to see lives restored and communities impacted with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Within a short period of time, God began to add to the Church those who were willing to give of their time, prayers, and finances to see the vision of God’s Kingdom being demonstrated in our city.

As Living Word Christian Center continued to develop facets of the ministry, it was in 1998 that LWCC purchased the former LeMoyne Center, 95,000 sq. ft. of property, located at 1060 Government St. Called the Kingdom Life Center, this property is a multi-faceted, multi-purpose campus, hosting community outreach ministries. The Kingdom Life Center exists to restore the quality of life to individuals and families throughout the City. By the transformation of lives, the restoration of families, spiritual, physical and economic empowerment, we believe quality of life is restored to our community and our city. This center carries out the vision of LWCC to demonstrate the Kingdom of God in every sphere of life by housing the Kingdom Academy, The Legacy Child Life Learning and Development Center, the Prince of Peace Embassy hosting Family, Teen & Youth Outreach, Community, Educational and Vocational Training, Seminars & Workshops and much more. It is also where local Pastors meet regularly bringing solutions and hope to our city through prayer and dialogue with an Opportunity For Unity.

In 2001, four years after the Late Marilyn Knox went home to be with the Lord, God joined to our visionary, Bishop Knox, and Living Word Christian Center, our beloved First Lady, his queen, Pastor Delia Knox, adding a facet to this ministry that revealed the fulfillment of prophetic words spoken as destiny and sovereignty came together.

For over three decades now, the ministry of Living Word Christian Center remains a Christ centered Church which emphasizes the preaching and teaching of the Word of God. It is a ministry of restoration to the total man – spirit, soul, and body, the continuous proclamation of the timeless, life-changing message of the gospel of the Kingdom and the present day Lordship of Jesus Christ.

Living Word Christian Center is a Kingdom Covenant Community of believers from various ecclesiastical backgrounds. We are a Spirit-filled family Church having been founded upon the Word of God, intercessory prayer, praise and worship. We are a multi-faceted, multi-cultural, trans-denominational ministry, a teaching and training center in pursuit of God’s predetermined purposes for our lives, our community, our city, our nation, and the world.