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Thank You!

Words cannot express how you have touched our hearts during the most difficult time in Bishop Knox and our lives. The transition into eternity of Pop Hall & Mother Hall within 17 days has forever changed our lives. The honoring of our Mother Hall with such excellence, from our first view of our LWCC Family saluting the “General” the “Gate-Keeper” with the lines of Ushers & Love Greeters, Worshipers and loved ones, wrapped around the church sidewalks greeting us with Love, to the Kingdom Guards’ salute, expressions of love and sights of family and friends from present and years ago have impacted and comforted us during this time in a way we will never forget. Whether present in person or online, calls, texts, cards, flowers sent. Each expression has truly touched our hearts and continues to show us Emmanuel, GOD IS WITH US! I, along with Bishop and our family, immediately felt the strength and embrace as you honored Mother Hall and our family with such Kingdom Excellence. As you celebrate Christmas, we pray you find the value in the priceless gift of love found in each other, as we have found in you all during this time – His Star continues to Shine through you! Merry Christmas!