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In Memory of Pastor Lester W. Bell, Sr.


It is with the deepest sense of honor, love, and respect to write this tribute in honor of one of God’s choicest servants in the Kingdom, PASTOR LESTER W. BELL, SR., of New Beginning Christian Church in Creola, AL.

It has been stated that the mark of a true leader is not how he leads but rather how those that follow him view him as he leads. Those who have followed this great visionary leader and who have been covered, protected, and empowered by his ministry, can all testify to the reality that they would not be who they are without his leadership in their lives.

He was affectionately known as “a man after God’s own heart” – a servant leader of covenant, integrity, love, and honor. In a world that is filled with confusion and distrust that is the result of broken promises and broken covenants, how refreshing to have known such a man of God who demonstrated a life that you could genuinely trust.

He was an extraordinary leader because he was an extraordinary follower. He followed Christ and His designated authority in the earth and thereby was equipped to lead anywhere, anytime, and anyone. A man of great renown and that is because he remained small in his own eyes. But make no mistake, he was large in our eyes! One who carried himself with the greatest dignity and honor while providing dignity and honor to all those who had been robbed of it. He was a true Kingdom leader.

Pastor Bell possessed the spirit of a Joshua and Caleb. When others saw “giants and walled cities” he remembered the promises of God. When others were satisfied with “wilderness living” he believed that the “Land of Promise” was ours for the possessing. He demonstrated that the highest form of obedience was worship and obedience to God’s Word as a source of our courage.

Pastor Bell, being a visionary leader, envisioned a succession plan to facilitate the continued growth and success of the New Beginning Christian Church by grooming, nurturing, and mentoring his son, Lester W. Bell, Jr., who is dedicated to continuing his father’s legacy. Pastor Bell’s leadership will be greatly missed but more than that, his friendship, wisdom, loyalty, and relentless determination to see God’s Kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven.

I am so humbled to have witnessed a portion of Pastor Bell’s life journey over the years and serving as a vital part of Kingdom Network of Churches International. I am even more humbled that God for His own purpose placed us in each other’s lives for His Kingdom. My heart, prayer, and support are with Lady Agnes, Dana, Kyla, Miya, Lester Jr., and New Beginning Christian Church as you move forward into the next stage of your Kingdom destiny in continuing your rich Kingdom legacy and vision of Pastor Lester Bell, Sr.

And today, I salute this great Kingdom Visionary Leader: my covenant brother, faithful friend, and loving spiritual son. We honor and love this outstanding Kingdom man of God, PASTOR LESTER W. BELL, SR. Your legacy continues…

In Celebration of Life,
Bishop Levy H. Knox, Visionary/Founder
Living Word Christian Center
Kingdom Network of Churches International

Thu Nov 22

11:00 am