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Mother Celestine K. Hall

In Loving Memory of the Life and Legacy of our Beloved Mother Celestine Knox Hall, a true Mother in Zion, the Mother of Living Word Christian Center, and a Matriarch in the Body of Christ who has been received into the eternal presence of God our Father.

To our Living Word Christian Center Kingdom Covenant Family, Mother Hall leaves, among so many lasting deposits, an extremely rich legacy of GREATNESS and EXCELLENCE, as one who was the epitome of an honorable Servant Leader with a covenant heart.

Mother Hall gave birth to an exceptionally great visionary leader, Bishop Levy H. Knox. When she embraced the vision of God in his heart to pioneer a teaching center founded upon the Word of God, it was like unto treasure hid in a field; the which when this great woman hath found, she hideth, and for joy thereof goeth and selleth all that she hath, and buyeth that field; as one seeking goodly pearls who, when she had found one pearl of great price, went and sold all that she had, and bought it.

Not only did she give birth to our visionary leader, but with great pangs she nurtured, protected, and incubated the vision, which would later translate into the Kingdom of God being communicated and demonstrated into every sphere of life and cause thousands of sons and daughters to be birthed in the Kingdom of God.

Mother Hall was dedicated to the vision of this house and her efforts have brought forth much fruit and notable contributions well over three decades. There is no corridor, no department, no facet of this ministry where her influence, generosity, and labor of love is not felt.

Mere words can never utter what has been recorded in the chronicles of Living Word Christian Center of the EXTRAORDINARY LIFE of Mother Celestine K. Hall, who is the cornerstone of this house, and who has successfully and joyfully fulfilled the call of God upon her life in her generation. She was a CHAMPION of causes, a mother to the motherless, and the embodiment of the vision of Living Word Christian Center fulfilling a vision of hope, causing an eternal impact on the destiny of our generation and the generations to come.